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The Amplifier. Reinvented.

Dive into the most advanced audio system in the world. True score of extreme engineering and leading-edge technologies at the service of music reproduction, Expert Pro systems are constantly pushing beyond to deliver the best performance in any circumstance.

Devialet media

ADH® - Analog Digital Hybrid

The best of both worlds. ADH is the hybrid amplification technology that combines for the first time the refinement and linearity of Analog (Class A) with the power and compactness of Digital (Class D). Working in parallel, they deliver the best power amplifier performance ever achieved.

Devialet media

SAM® - Speaker Active Matching

From a mathematical model of your speakers, SAM® Speaker Active Matching enables your Expert Pro to adapt accurately the signal transmitted to them. For the first time, it is then possible to obtain a perfect time alignment between the recorded signal and the sound pressure generated by the speaker drivers.

The emotional power of music, just as the artist intended.

Devialet media

RAM™ - Record Active Matching

RAM is the most versatile and dynamic phono stage ever invented. With this exclusive Devialet technology, your Expert Pro's phono stage becomes entirely configurable on-the-fly, and adapts itself dynamically to the exact characteristics of your turntable and vinyl records. With more than 256 combinations for your MM or MC cartridge and 13 RIAA equalization curves available, RAM perfectly tailors the playback of your favorite albums.

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Take the shortest route. Invented by Devialet, the Magic Wire circuitery ensures the shortest distance ever between the DAC and the speaker output connectors: right down to 5 cm. This design allows to avoid degradation of the signal over the overall bandwidth, to ensure a perfect impedance matching and to keep noise and thermal distorsion to an absolute minimum.

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Expert Pro uses a revolutionary switch-mode power supply to take you from absolute silence to explosive dynamics instantly. This ultra high-performance power supply feeds the overall power of the Expert Pro system, while ensuring a very high efficiency rate of about 90%.

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Expert Pro’s powerful DSP makes AXD® the only technology advanced enough to reap the full potential of the world’s most sophisticated speaker models. Designed to keep the path from source to speaker to a absolute minimum, AXD® demands bespoke speaker profiling in close collaboration with speaker manufacturers. Their seal of approval guarantees immaculate playback, every step of the way.

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Devialet media

EVO™ - Evolutive Platform

Expert Pro systems are fitted with our EVO platform, a unique electronic architecture driven by an upgradable software. Your Expert Pro keeps getting better through free and regular updates, offering new features and increased performance.

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